Our Staff

Ben Page

Co-Founder and Executive Director

After serving as the ministry director for the Urban Eagles in Grier Heights for 8 years, Ben and his wife Nicki co-founded I AM 24/7.  “Coach Ben” is passionate about sharing the love of Jesus in practical ways and developing leaders who give back to their communities.

Nicki Page

Co-Founder and Director of Operations

“Mamma Nicki” (as she is called in the neighborhood) is a beautiful picture of God’s love, compassion, and grace in action.  She is passionate about creating a caring environment, providing emotional support, and encouraging youth to reach their full potential.

Darrell Delgado

Staff Coach/Mentor

Darrell is joining I AM 24/7 staff after graduating high school in 2020.  He is also continuing his education at Central Piedmont Community College and hopes to one day own his own business.  During high school Darrell helped coached a variety of I AM 24/7 teams and was a leader for the Summer Sports and Leadership Academy for the from 2018-2020.  Darrell is passionate about seeing young men grow and develop new mindsets towards their education and the value of hard work.   
Ryan Chambers

Elementary School Ministry Director

After being an Urban Eagles player and growing up in Grier Heights, Ryan joins staff to work with elementary aged students by coaching soccer and basketball teams.  Ryan is passionate about the power of the teachings of Jesus in transforming individuals.  He is excited to give back to his community through coaching, mentoring, tutoring, and leading Bible studiesRyan is a current student at Belmont Abbey College and also plays on their varsity soccer team.