Our Strategy

Communities are transformed when individuals are transformed.


Everyone wants a coach.  Our soccer and basketball teams create meaningful relationships between coaches, players, and their families.  It also provides us the important opportunity to hold every player to academic and behavioral standards at school.

Academic Support

Every player is involved in weekly tutoring with coaches and mentors. We ban together and make sure every player has transportation to tutoring and academic enrichment activities. Every one of our high school players will have the opportunity to go on at least one college visit during their freshman and sophomore years.


Players do not care how much you know, until they know how much you care.  Our I AM 24/7 family is filled with coaches, tutors, volunteers, and friends who love well.  And LOVE is spelled… TIME.  Mentorship to us involves investment in relationship over time.


You can’t live up to a standard that doesn’t exist.  I AM 24/7 players are held to standards in every area of life. From how the interact with their peers, their language, and how they are showing up on time and prepared for activities to their behavior and grades at school. These standards create discipline which is the pathway to growth and success.



Leadership Development

Once a player turns 16, it isn’t enough to only be involved in our programs, he needs to be helping lead them.  Our high school students serve as tutors, mentors, and coaches for younger I AM 24/7 youth. Every summer I AM 24/7 high school students participate in a Leadership Development Program designed to provide job training and equip them as leaders in their community.

Spiritual Growth

You can’t fix a spiritual problem with a social answer. Instead of throwing money at “the problems” or creating programs that don’t involve a spiritual foundation for personal and character development ultimately driving a change in one’s worldview.  We teach the Gospel of Jesus as God’s plan for our lives and the world around us.  We do this through weekly Bible studies, mission trips, time in prayer and worship together.  We encourage our players to be lights in the world around them and be “World Changers” wherever they go.


You shouldn’t try and reinvent the wheel.  We believe that there you can accomplish so much more through connecting with other organizations with similar missions and values.  Our partnerships create boundless opportunities for everything from trips abroad to jobs for our players.  The social capital gained from each of these partnerships also provide a level profound level of relational resources through I AM 24/7 players and their families.


You can’t understand a different world until you experience it.  I AM 24/7 uses trips all over the southeast to help expand our players knowledge of a world outside the walls of their community.  Some of our trips include camping, camps, and college visits which help our players have motivation for success and vision for their future.